Transport Research Lab

TRL are at the forefront of research and technical solutions and have made significant contributions to developing safe and effective transport systems around the world.

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The TRL — CarShare Online Partnership

CarShare Online Ltd has worked closely with TRL, one of the worlds leading transport consultants, for several years using their support and expertise to help develop the CarShare Online software as a enterprise solution.

TRL are a licensed reseller of the the software.

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About TRL

Originally established in 1933 as part of the UK Government, TRL privatised in 1996 to become a fully independent private company.

TRL is wholly owned by the Transport Research Foundation (TRF), a non-profit distributing foundation with no share holders, enabling profits made by TRL to be passed to TRF and re-invested in scientific research. TRF is comprised of over 80 sector members from the transport industry ensuring TRL continues to undertake the high quality research it is renowned for.

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Our Approach

We understand the importance of protecting the environment we live and work in. We strive to research and develop sustainable transport solutions for all our customers.

We have dedicated environmental teams set up across the business working on environmental projects. We continue to be at the forefront of Sustainable development through our "Centre for Sustainability" and "Strategic Environmental Assessment" initiatives.

We are heavily involved in projects for clients based upon fuel economy and reducing CO2 emissions as well as topical issues including climate change. We continue to undertake environmental projects that explore the use of recycled materials for roads and sustainable construction.

TRL operate a "green travel scheme" at our head office. Staff are encouraged to car share, cycle, walk, take public transport or motorcycle to work. Those who choose these modes of transport are recognised and rewarded internally.

TRL and CarShare Online are members of ACT and registered controllers under the data protection act.