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Sharing takes to the skies

August 16, 2007

In a unique move, TRL's CarShare Online software has made its own modal shift by entering the air travel market. In so doing, it has enabled Flightplan of Farnborough to offer the world's first private flight sharing club through a new on-line web portal, aimed at helping the world's famous combat the environmental impact and cost of private jets.

TRL and CarShare Online have worked closely with Flightplan, who have consulted widely with private jet owners and operators, passengers and jet card holders, to establish a common sense solution to the problems associated with the use of private jets, including high demand, low supply and increasing costs. Currently jets fly empty 40% of the time, frequently flying to and from the same airports, on the same day and at very similar times, creating their own congestion and using up precious slots.

Last year in Europe alone, there were 710,000 private flights. An estimated 250,000 of these were empty positioning flights. Major events in the entertainment, social, sporting and business calendar are frequent examples which create a 'honeypot' effect of private aircraft around airports.

The latest development of the software for another transport sector is major development by TRL and its partner CarShare Online and is a sign of their commitment to help organisations reduce their global environmental impact.

Chris Edge, TRL's Software Business Development Manager said; "The transference of the software to another transport sector was technically challenging and is a good example of how TRL can help organisations reduce their environmental impact. Being able to share flights in this way will help to eliminate waste in the private jet industry by utilising empty seats and by cutting emissions at source." Madonna and the Prince of Wales are just two of approximately 3,000 celebrity flyers who are being invited to join the world's first private flight sharing club, the Flightshare Private Members Guild. Last year, Flightplan introduced carbon offsets to the European private jet industry.

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