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Marks & Spencer's Plan A

Januar 10, 2008

Marks and Spencer have joined the growing number of blue chip companies who have chosen Carshare Online to support their environmental initiative Plan A.

The adoption of CarShare Online travel sharing software will provide one of the solutions to manage traffic to and from Marks and Spencer's main UK locations, whilst helping staff with their commute to work, and inter office travel needs. It will help to reduce polluting emissions, ease congestion and lessen overall demand for parking spaces. Single person car occupancy and unnecessary car trips will be minimised and alternative travel modes promoted through their Travel Plan.

Carshare Online software is marketed by TRL, the leading transport research company in th UK. The software can be provided either as a managed service or as a standalone application. Organisations can join existing schemes or TRL can create a branded scheme especially for them.

TRL is currently offering a no obligation free trial of CarShare Online to all organisations.For further details, please contact the TRL Software Bureau on +44 (0) 1344 770758 or email

Issued by Carshare Online Press Office: Email

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