The benefits to organisations

  • The corner-stone of a sustainable transport policy for business and commuting needs.
  • The improved efficiency of company car and taxi use can significantly reduce travel costs.
  • Reduce overheads by having fewer car park spaces and can alleviate car park congestion.
  • Good corporate social responsibility — schemes have a positive environmental impact on local communities.

The benefits of our software

  • Easy to implement and maintain.
  • Can reduce single occupancy car use, and non car use up to 20%.
  • Automatically calculates the CO2 and cost benefits of every journey.
  • Easy to install with our managed service, or install on your local Intranet.
  • Telephone, email and on-site support.
  • We provide a range of customisation to integrate into your environment, such as site branding and automatic login/registration.
  • We provide you with tools to publish your own content, so you can make it a hub for sustainable travel.

The benefits to individuals

Save Money

A person can save 100s every year by sharing their car or taxi journeys. Even greater savings and benefits can be attained by opting to cycle or go on foot instead.


Less cars on the road cuts CO2 and other polluting emissions, and helps reduce road congestion and parking problems. Sharing an average commuter journey 5 days a week can reduce an individual's carbon footprint by up to 10%.


Sharing car travel can reduce stress and provide free time. Cycling or going on foot offers obvious health benefits and by traveling together provides motivation, added safety, plus makes journeys more enjoyable.

Social benefits

Sharing journeys brings people together creating new connections in businesses and communities.