By car

By Car

Car sharing makes use of empty seats and share the costs.


On Foot

Great exercise, stay motivated and feel safer with a buddy.

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A bike buddy is the way to stay motivated and safe of the road.

Fly New!


By sharing private jets, users can make huge cuts in CO2 and costs.

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The convenience of a cab is now more affordable by sharing.


What Next?

Watch this space for future developments...

Who is it suitable for:

  • Companies and business parks.
  • Large multi-site organisations.
  • Local authorities and government offices.
  • Hospitals.
  • Colleges & universities.
  • Clubs and associations.

When can it be used:

  • Commuting to work.
  • Business travel to meetings, airports etc.
  • Travel to events, such as conferences.
  • Occasional travel to places.

People without a personal computer

We offer a number solutions including a call centre and shared computers.

What is travel share?

It's about facilitating and promoting more sustainable ways of private transportation by sharing journeys together. The idea was born in the United States during the 1970s to combat fuel shortages and air pollution. The concept comes under many names such as car share, car pool, bike buddy, lift-share or ride-share, to name a few.

Why share journeys?

Sharing journey takes vehicles off the road, which makes it a very effective at reducing road congestion, easing car park overcrowding and lessening the impact of vehicles on the environment.

How does the system work?

Using a web browser the person registers their details and their journeys. The system searches for similar journeys, comparing locations and travel times. Members can request to share a journey with someone through the website.

Making a safer online community

We have designed the software protect people's privacy and only give out personal information when required and only at the user's consent. There are also a range of other options that give further peace of mind to individuals and groups.