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Built for Business

Designed from the ground-up to be secure, manageable and scaleable.

More Possibilities

A powerful search engine with waypoints finds far more people to share with.

Travel Groups

Provide tailored services for people, making it more convenient and easier to share.

On the Map

Aided by detailed visual mapping and an extensive geocoding database.

Share with Everyone

Find people in other organisations and schemes in the region.

Online - No Installation

Use our software from any modern web browser on the Internet or Intranet.

  • Share multiple one-off, weekly and event journeys by car share, taxi share, bike or walk buddy.
  • Built-in cost calculator, estimates car running costs, savings and reduction in CO2 emissions.
  • Suite of management tools to fully maintain, monitor and promote your scheme.
  • Find matches quickly and easily with our unqiue search engine.
  • Search results offer multiple views to match and compare journeys.
  • Add multiple waypoints to journeys.
  • System brokers contacts for sharing journeys to help protect people's privacy.
  • Extend your scheme to network with other organisations / groups in the neighbourhood.