Manage your scheme and stay in control with a comprehensive suite of tools.

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Create your news and content for your scheme with simple WYSIWYG tools.

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Promote and communicate with a bulk email utility.

Manage members

Manage Members

Register and search on a members behalf.

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Charts & Data

Monitor activity and download data to your spreadsheet or database.

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Easy to update the scheme with your corporate identity.

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Shift Patterns

Create shift patterns so people can find others on the same shift.


  • At a glace see the scheme's KPIs.
  • View the scheme's impact on the carbon footprint.


  • Send e-mailers to members.
  • Create your own news articles and notices.
  • Customise page contents.


  • Administer access to your scheme.
  • Manage the database of your members.
  • Work as a team: assign specific tools to users.